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ive got art...

2009-06-23 09:51:23 by DontSpellMyName

finally i posted some art, now i onle need to be scouted by somebody.
hope it happens within a week so people can rate my art.
my speciality is ink&pencil and i adjust them with photoshop to make the "finishing touch".
but now i started to make some 3D art,its almost done but i still need to finish the colouring and will be ready in no-time!

i still didn't start with the flash movie...but i promise that i am going to make one.

catch ya all later dudes(or gall's)^^
(at the bottom you see my latest art)

ive got art...

Im not new BTW

2009-06-21 13:07:04 by DontSpellMyName

my other account on NG was a little bit dull...
(cuz i'm banned)
so i made a new one^^
i hope to make some songs and movies.
if you think my english is freaking bad thats cuz im from holland...

i know it is hard to get famous on NG but im going to try.
i hope i get as famous as the swain,stamper,egoraptor or even Tom Fulp.^^
though that is never going to happen i can always try...-_-
im going to upload some photoshop art in a few days^^

i cant wait 'till i get some NG fans.

love NG btw ive been a member for almost 3 jears from now^^

if your still reading my post i think your a idiotic sucker...^^

Catch ya all later dudes :-)