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F.U. Internet

2010-05-16 09:18:33 by DontSpellMyName

cant play xbox-live,freaking internet sucks al the time...

oh seriously

2009-12-12 07:24:38 by DontSpellMyName

nope,still nothing here

you see,i told ya

2009-07-30 04:59:54 by DontSpellMyName

nope,nothing here


2009-07-05 12:38:56 by DontSpellMyName

im very happy right now,my prototype game just came in:-)

i guess i wont log in to NG for a while,cuz im playing:" [prototype] "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, see ya guys laterrrrrrr

even more art

2009-07-05 10:43:07 by DontSpellMyName

i finished the gumen laggan(that how ya spell it right) girl yoko.
its my first drawing which i submitted to NG with colors.

so give me some good criticisme...

new art

2009-07-03 11:53:37 by DontSpellMyName

my first nude woman submission to NG is in the art section of my user page.
because it contains nudity i can't put a sample here in this post.

catch ya all later dudes

broken dvd

2009-07-02 14:49:15 by DontSpellMyName

my prototype game broke...
ive ordered a new one and its coming in tomorow.
1 day without playing mah favourite game>:(

CRAP!the order is delayed!!! >:(
i need to wait till saturday >:(

i got a email from the website i ordered the game,it said that the order is delayed till next week Friday...freaking bullshit man!!!!!

new art btw,its not a tiger or a dog,its a ROBOT

broken dvd

another scout

2009-07-01 05:37:29 by DontSpellMyName

ive been scouted again^^
for the one who want to see more 3d art,i quit making them.its far too hard and i think its ugly.

actually i don't got any news but i do got new art,this time its a dog.

catch ya all later dudes!

ok,this is kinda weird...
my pc says im unscouted but when i go to my own art submissions it says:scouted by dropkicked.
and i can scout other people so this is freaking weird...

now its freaking more weird!
when i go to my prototype art is says that ive got a score of 4,but when i go to other art it says:this user has not been scouted yet.

another scout

this is bullsh!t

2009-06-29 05:48:22 by DontSpellMyName

i was scouted but for one reason ive been descouted...
i didnt get a message from m-bot and now i can't submit things into the art portal!
i almost finished my new art and what then? i can't submit things into the art portal!

btw, here's my new art... i hope i can put in the art portal somewhere in the future...
(it are 2 new art stuff of a tiger, a cartoon version and a real version the other one can be found in my art section.)

catch ya all later dudes...
ah screw it, i think i quite being a member of NG...(i think)

this is bullsh!t

3D art is done!!

2009-06-23 12:15:43 by DontSpellMyName

ive put a lot of effort in this one.
i call it:"The Abyss"
it took 2 day to finish it.i thought it would be finished tomorrow but i worked 3 straight hours on it today.
i dont know its good cuz its my first 3D art everrrrrrrrr.....(yeah,ever....)
but thats for you fokes to decide...

catch ya all later dudes
(at the bottom you see my new 3D art)

3D art is done!!