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this is bullsh!t

2009-06-29 05:48:22 by DontSpellMyName

i was scouted but for one reason ive been descouted...
i didnt get a message from m-bot and now i can't submit things into the art portal!
i almost finished my new art and what then? i can't submit things into the art portal!

btw, here's my new art... i hope i can put in the art portal somewhere in the future...
(it are 2 new art stuff of a tiger, a cartoon version and a real version the other one can be found in my art section.)

catch ya all later dudes...
ah screw it, i think i quite being a member of NG...(i think)

this is bullsh!t


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2009-06-29 11:45:01

Your not submitting very often.
I know how you feel.


2009-07-05 12:21:52

apparently when someone you scouted break the rules you get un-scouted
probaby someone you rooted for did something stupid and got spanked for it, and you got the collateral dammage